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International Students: Foreign Transcript Evaluation

If you have attended a foreign college/university outside the U.S. or Canada, you may have your coursework considered for prerequisite credit. In order to have these courses evaluated, you must apply for a transcript evaluation from an approved foreign transcript evaluation agency. Fees for transcript evaluations are your responsibility.

Acceptable member agencies are listed at NACES-National Association of Credential Evaluation Services

If You Have Attended A College/University in a U.S. Territory

If you have attended a college or university in a U.S. Territory that has been approved by the U.S. Department of Education you do not need to have a transcript evaluation.  You must provide proof of approval and the transcript must show all course information as outlined below:

  • U.S. course equivalence for each course.
  • U.S. semester hour equivalent for each course.
  • U.S. grade equivalence for each course.
  • Calculated grade point average (if available).


You Should Note

  • The transcript evaluation neither guarantees program acceptance nor eligibility for licensure/certification exams upon completion of the program.
  • The applicant will be advised regarding additional prerequisite coursework needed to be admitted to the desired program.  
  • The grade point average on the transcript evaluation must be 2.0 ( C ) or better in each course in order to be considered for admission.
  • International applicants must take all the pre-entrance exams given to all applicants and meet all other admission criteria.

Approved Evaluation Agencies Through NACES

National Association of Credential Evaluation Services