Nursing Testing

Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

  • If you are seeking admission to the Nursing Program you must test in order to be considered for full acceptance.  (RN to BSN applicants are not required to test.)
    -  The score you receive on the test will be considered as part of the selective admission process.  As a point of  reference your minimum goal should be to meet the National Program Average score on all four areas.

    January 2014 Accepted Students' Averages:
    3.7 GPA
    84%+ on the TEAS
  • About the TEAS:
    - Computer based
    - 170 item, multiple choice test
    - You have a maximum time of 3 hours and 29 minutes to take test
    - You will be tested on Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage
  • You will have two (2) chances to test for the TEAS during the testing period.  It is your responsibility to schedule each test.
  • The cost of each test is the responsibility of the applicant and is not covered in the $85 administrative processing fee.

Preparing and Registering for the TEAS

  • Preparing for the TEAS V:
    Your success is important to us; therefore, we strongly recommend preparing for the TEAS test by:
    - Visiting ATI Testing to purchase the TEAS V study manual.
       - Online practice tests are also available for purchase via ATI Testing (highly recommended).
  • Registering for the TEAS V:
    The TEAS V is administered off-site by ATI Testing's preferred testing center, PSI Exams.  Registration is required to take the TEAS V.  
    Step 1:  You must start here at ATI Testing in order to receive your approval code to register with PSI Exams.

    PLEASE NOTE:  You cannot complete the next step until you have received the approval code from ATI.

    Step 2:  Upon receiving your approval code you can proceed to register at PSI Exams.

    You will be able to select our College when registering.  Scores are automatically sent electronically to Sentara College of Health Sciences typically within 2 business days.