Student Achievement for Programs & Catalog

Student Achievement for All Programs - July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013

ProgramOn-Time Graduation Rate (1)Placement Rate (2)Retention Rate (3)Pass Rates (4) 
Cardiovascular Technology    
Adult Echocardiography85.7%100%94.11% 100%
Non-Invasive Vascular Study77.8% 85.71%81.25% 100%
Invasive77.8% 100%90% 100%
Cardiac Electrophysiology75%66.67%89% 100%
BSN89.3%77.63% 90.53%85.71%
RN to BSN80.7%95.24% 93.86% N/A*
Surgical Technology    
ST-Diploma 77.8%93.75% 85%100%
ST-AAD N/A** 85.71%87.5% 85.7%



1.  The percent of graduates who complete the program in the normal program length. 

2.  The percent of graduates (who graduated between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013) who are placed in the related field of study by September 15th of the year following graduation.  This rate is calculated by taking the total number of graduates placed divided by the total number of graduates minus number of graduates unavailable for placement due to medical issues, active duty military service or continuing education.

3. The percent of students who are retained in the program during the identified academic year.  This rate is calculated by the enrollment (as of June 30) plus graduates divided by beginning enrollment (as of July 1) plus new starts and readmits. 

4.  The percentage of graduates who pass the licensure or certification exam on the first attempt by September 15th of the year following graduation.

*RN to BSN students are already licensed.

**ST-AAD is self-paced.