The College holds an accreditation through the:

Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

and is certified to operate an institution of postsecondary education in Virginia by the:

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)

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Facts About the College


  • Our Programs and Courses have high retention rates.
  • We offer Programs and Courses that are in high demand.
  • We offer the best educational experience you will find in the specialty you select.
  • Our Nursing Program has one of the highest retention rates in the region.
  • Our Nursing students consistently exceed the National and Commonwealth of Virginia's NCLEX pass rate averages for first-time test takers.
  • We offer the only accredited (CAAHEP) Peripheral Vascular and Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Programs in Virginia.
  • We offer one of two accredited (CAAHEP) Invasive Cardiovascular Programs in Virginia and the only one in the region.
  • Our Surgical Technology Program is over 50 years old and is one of 8 programs in the state.
  • Our Degree Programs have an application deadline for each Program start date.
  • Our Allied Health Continuing Education Courses are conducted under a rolling admissions process and are therefore first come, first serve.
  • Our annual student body averages 500 people.
  • We have an average faculty body of 50.

At Sentara Healthcare, our mission is simple—we improve health every day.

The Mission of the College is:

Sentara College of Health Sciences is the higher education, private, not-for-profit educational division of Sentara Healthcare that prepares healthcare professionals to meet changing demands and critical human resource needs of Sentara Healthcare and the greater communities it serves. The Sentara College of Health Sciences uses multimodal delivery systems to offer high-quality undergraduate degrees in Nursing and Allied Health and other related continuing education courses. The dedicated faculty and staff promote the welfare and success of the individual student through effective teaching, supportive service, and applied scholarship.

The Vision of the College is to:

Be the top healthcare educational choice for Nursing and Allied Health professionals in the communities served by Sentara Healthcare.

The Institutional Goals of the College are to:

  1. Educational Quality - Strengthen the recognized quality, transferability, portability, and accreditation of the College's educational programs to ensure stakeholder value.
  2. Student Success - Strengthen learning outcomes and retention, graduation, and placement rates of students to ensure their personal success as healthcare professionals.
  3. Responsive Growth - Grow, adapt, and evolve as needed to meet changing workforce requirements and demands for nursing and allied health professionals in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.
  4. Program Competitiveness - Strengthen the access, articulation, and instructional delivery of educational programs to ensure their use of new technologies and their competitiveness in the marketplace.
  5. Operational Efficiency - Strengthen program and support service efficiencies that ensure cost effectiveness.